September 10 – 12, 2021

Stoney Ridge Productions, Inc.

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Stony Fork Creek Campground
Wellsboro, PA

There have been 3 minor recent changes to the schedule and band makeup all for different reasons. We regret that Downstream, Forc, and Scott Turner - Band of One are no longer able to participate in this year's event. We hope they will be able to play next year's event. You will see slightly different start times both Friday and Saturday.
Nefarious Funk has seized the opportunity to start earlier and play longer and will be opening the festival up at 3:30pm Friday afternoon. Chapel Street Junction will be playing longer and opening the day Saturday at 12 noon.
I'm posting an updated schedule.

Travel restrictions have affected 2 bands and their abilities to play Brayden’s Benefit: North of 80 Music Festival as originally billed.  Serene Green’s Quentin Fisher and Michael Johnson will be performing as a duo bringing bluegrass and old-time folk music to Stony Fork Creek Campground instead of the quartet and Moving In Stereo – A tribute to The Cars is being rescheduled to next year’s Benefit, May 21, 22, and 23rd, 2021.  For those of you singing the blues we are excited to announce that Gabe Stillman will be playing Saturday afternoon.



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     This is a COVID-19 Compliant event and attendance will be capped at 250. This includes everyone associated with the festival such as bands, sound crew, and support staff. Plenty of room to social distance in the 3½ acre field. Please be mindful of others and practice social distancing. Masks must be worn when in line to enter venue grounds, in food vendor lines, and at bathrooms and when social distancing cannot be maintained.

     If we go full green again and maximum attendance is increased to 500 which it was when the festival was announced a decision will be made about increasing from 250. For the time being, Ticketleap has a built in “waiting list” function and starting at ticket 251 it will collect information and put the person on a waiting list. If the number of people allowed to attend increases the waiting list is accessed and those on it get to purchase tickets.


All vehicles entering for the festival will be stopped as usual. Please have valid ID or ticket ready.

Initial screening will take place. Temperatures will be checked. Remember your mask.

If anyone within the vehicle has a temperature above 100.4 F that vehicle will be denied access.

If cleared for entry you will proceed to obtaining a wrist band.


Masks are required when visiting vendors.

We have 2 food vendors, Paradise Grill and Harter’s Hearth Wood Fire Oven on Wheels, and are not seeking additional vendors at this time.


Tailgater should come prepared with sides for their tailgating spot. Maintain distancing.


Band members, roadies, sound crew, security, and North of 80 Music Festival Staff only are authorized behind the stage and in the stage area.

No one besides band members, stage hands, and sound crew will be allowed on the stage.

Masks must be worn on stage and within the stage area.

Field viewing area:

Please maintain your 6 feet distance between other participants.

There is ample space to spread out. Please make sure we use the space we have and keep our distance.

For events chairs will not be provided. Please bring your own or a blanket.

Hand Wash Stations, Hand Sanitizers, and Port A Johns:

All will be on aggressive cleaning schedule.

     Please do the right thing: If you are sick, running a fever, short of breath, having difficulty breathing please stay at home. If you have knowingly been exposed to someone positive or with these symptoms within the last 14 days, please stay at home. Please keep this event safe for all who wish to attend.

Stony Fork Creek Campground

Stony Fork Creek Campground is nestled in the scenic mountains near the PA Grand Canyon.

658 Stony Fork Creek Road - Wellsboro, PA 16901

(570) 724-3096

Stoney Ridge Productions, Inc
PO Box 655,
Wellsboro, PA 16901

Festival Office: (570) 439-5364

Campground Office: (570) 724-3096